QR Barcodes for Music & Video

How are QR Codes used for Music & Video?

Let us help you grab the attention of your listeners/viewers.

QR Codes provide an easy way of using mobile technology to engage with your audience. Many of our clients use the quick response or QR codes, to allow their listeners/viewers quick & easy access to songs, videos, or to contact the band or agent for booking or show schedules.

QR Codes can be printed to flyers, tickets, CDs, or displayed electronically from the digital, print-ready barcode graphic that we provide for you.

The four most common uses of QR Codes (2D mobile barcodes) are:

  1. To open a link to your songs or videos
  2. Open your social media page
  3. Open your Website for show schedules and more
  4. Start a Call, Text, or Email

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff stands ready to answer your QR Codes related questions and do more than just sell you a barcode. We work with you to help you successfully market your music and videos.

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What are QR Codes for Music or Video?

Music/Video QR Codes, a simple black and white barcode patterns that companies print on flyers, magazines, poster, signs, business cards, CDs, labels, and other media, or display electronically to allow access to information in a content rich digital environment.

How do QR Codes for Music and Video work?

When a customer uses their camera phone to scan a QR code, the camera phone becomes a barcode scanner. The camera captures the QR Barcode image and triggers an activity. Common activities that are helpful to our artists are: opening webpage with your music or videos or show schedule, opening a link to your video on YouTube, sending you a text about booking a gig, or placing a phone call to you or your agent, and much more.

How can I use QR Codes to promote my work?

Print Media – provide customers access to your music, videos, social media, show schedules, and contact by placing your 2D barcode (QR Codes) on your print materials (flyers, business cards, etc.)

Retail – give customers access to streams, download, website, social media, show schedules, etc. via a QR Code on your CD, Vinyl, or Tape cover.

Posters and outdoor media – offer access to your materials via a QR Code on posters, billboards, car wraps, etc.

Ticketing – send MMS or email including 2D barcodes that provide access to events.

How do I get 2D mobile barcodes?

1st Go to our QR Code Order Page or call us at +1 404-869-0701 or toll free at 877-872-2060.
2nd Place your order.

What do I get when I order my 2D mobile barcodes?

1st Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email confirmation of your 2D mobile barcode purchase.
2nd The 2D digital barcode images are generated from the information you provide with your order.
3rd Your 2D mobile barcodes are emailed to you as an attachment.

In what format are my 2D mobile barcodes created?

For your convenience, we can create your 2D mobile barcode graphic in your choice of three different formats so that your graphic artist, printing company, or manufacturing facility can work with the graphic in their preferred software.

  • EPS Format – This layered, vector EPS file is the preferred format of most graphic designers due to its quality and versatility, particularly for resizing. EPS is an “exchange” format, not necessarily associated with one specific graphics program. An exchange format is one intended for multiple applications to be able to open.
  • PNG Format – This raster PNG file works well for graphic artists who need a transparent background. This format supports lossless data compression. However, this format is not suitable for significant resizing.
  • JPEG Format – This uncompressed, high-quality JPEG file is the most common file format. All computers can open a JPEG. However, it is not suitable for resizing.

When do I get my 2D mobile barcodes?

The turn-around time is often within an hour.
All orders received before 4 p.m. Eastern Time on business days are completed the same day. Orders placed after 4 p.m. will be processed next business day. If you require RUSH completion, please call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or +1 404-869-0701 (international) to make arrangements.

How do I get my 2D mobile barcodes (QR Codes) on my stuff?

Providing the barcode image to your graphic artist and including it in the design of your materials prior to printing is the easiest and most economical way of getting your 2D barcode on your product.

What size can/should a QR code be?

The size of QR codes can vary considerably based on two factors: 1) how much information is encoded and 2) what the final application of the code is. We’ve seen made QR Codes that encode only a 5-digit product number printed at less than 1/3-inch squared. On the other extreme, we’ve seen QR Codes for use on highway billboards that were printed at about 4-foot squared.

Our clients’ QR Codes, on average, come out to around 1 inch by 1 inch in size.

Please keep in mind that the amount of content (the length of a URL, for example) affects the size of your QR Code graphic. The longer the URL, the bigger the QR code image will be. Therefore, you may consider using a URL shortener such as Bitly or TinyURL to shorten your website addresses and hence reduce the size of your smartphone barcodes (QR Code).