Spotify Surpasses 140M Active Users – Up By 100M In Just Three Years

Spotify Vice President Brian Benedik revealed in a blog post last Thursday that the streaming service has reached 140 million monthly active users. The figure represents a 40m climb on the figure Daniel Ek announced this time last year – and is up by a very impressive 100m people compared to May 2014.

The streaming service pulled in $3.3 billion revenue last year, and promises to pay record labels over $2 billion over the next two years.

Spotify didn’t update its paid subscriber numbers (which they totaled 50 million as of last March) but these numbers suggest the Spotify has increased their lead on Apple Music’s recently-announced user base of 27 million.

But despite the strong revenue and the growing user base, Spotify continues to bleed money. They also reported an operating loss of $389 million in 2016, and a net loss of $601 million (after accounting for its $1 billion debt financing last year).