The Codes used in Music and Video Identification

There are 3 codes that are necessary to properly identify your work: ISWC, ISRC, and UPC. Below is a quick overview of the definition, use, and how to obtain each of them. (If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call us for assistance.)

  • International Standard Works Code
  • Your works identifier
  • Identifies the underlying work/composition

  • International Standard Recording Code
  • Your sound/video recording identifier
  • Identifies each version of a song or video recording
  • Required for all sound or video recordings (different code for audio vs. video)
  • Universal Product Code
  • Your release identifier
  • Identifies the release on which your recording resides (Single, EP, Album, or Video)
  • Required for all of the above (both digital and physical).
You will get your ISWC from your PRO:

You can get your ISRC Codes for your recordings right here You can get your UPC Codes for your releases right here