Information Is Beautiful Updates Its Streaming-Royalties Chart

The site Information Is Beautiful updated its infographic for streaming royalties. What can be seen there: Napster ($0.0167 per play) and Tidal ($0.0110) come out well; Apple Music ($0.0064), Google Play Music ($0.0059) and Deezer ($0.0056) are around the same mark; and Spotify comes out at $0.0038 per play.A ll these figures represents the artist payout only, not the songwriter.

Pandora pays $0.0011 per play and YouTube $0.0006 per play. Claims like the fact it would take 2.4m YouTube plays to earn a minimum wage of $1,472, while it would only take 380k on Spotify and 90k on Napster will be pored over.

The trick here is to pay attention to the scale – Tidal may generate an average payout per stream nearly three times that of Spotify, but for an artist getting, say, 10 times more streams on the latter service, it’s generating them more money.

It is important for the artists to know, that making more money from a service is not just about demanding it pays more. It can be about understanding how the service’s recommendation and advertising algorithms work; about releasing more videos than just ‘music videos’ – from secondary lyric-videos to vlogs and other kinds of content; and exploring ways to make longer videos that are more likely to have ads on, and thus increase the per-stream payout.