How much streaming services pay artists per play

Streaming services from Nokia, Google and Microsoft pay artists the highest royalty rates per stream, according to a data set obtained by The Trichordest, a website which aims to protect artist rights in the digital age.

The information was provided by an anonymous independent label with a catalogue of roughly 1,500 songs, and is based on flat royalties before distribution fees and the like are deducted. The streams occurred between Jan 2012 and February 1, 2014.

Nokia lead the pack, paying an average of $0.07411 per stream, following by Google Play, which pays $0.04573. MySpace Music and Amazon Cloud have the lowest rates, with each stream only netting artists $0.00094 and $0.00012 respectively. The numbers are below, in dollar amounts.

Nokia: 0.07411
Google Play: 0.04573
Xbox Music: 0.03212
simfy: 0.01626
Napster: 0.01578
MediaNet: 0.01140
Rhapsody: 0.01122
Muve Music: 0.00875
Deezer: 0.00745
Rdio: 0.00692
Spotify: 0.00521
MySpace Music: 0.00094
Amazon Cloud: 0.00012