What exactly does Mediabase do?

Mediabase aggregates airplay. They track how often your music get played on the radio and report your airplays to the charts (Billboard and others). According to them, Mediabase monitors the music airplay of more than 1,800 media outlets in over 160 markets. Mediabase also publishes airplay charts in Pollstar every week. The charts compile by them are used on nearly all radio countdown shows and dozens of pop-culture consumer sites.

How can Mediabase registration help me as an artist?

When you register your songs for tracking at Mediabase, you ensure that all airplay of your work is tracked correctly. The reports generated by Mediabase are used by media professionals. These include radio execs, record company leaders, publishers, promoters, retailers, artist managers, and many more. They scan these reports for trending and potentially up & coming artists. Aside from making you visible on the Airplay charts themselves, you want the opportunity to be visible to these insiders. According to them, Mediabase defines the success and popularity of recorded music and reports meaningful insight into consumer listening trends in the ever evolving landscape of music consumption.

Ok, so what do need BEFORE I register with Mediabase?

To get your songs ready for airplay tracking you will want to do 2 things:

  1. As always, for best possible unique identification, your songs should have ISRC Codes (and, if they are single releases, also their own UPC Codes. If they are part of an album then the Album UPC is sufficient to be used for each in addition to the individual ISRC Codes.)
  2. You should create MP3 versions of your songs and have them stripped of all artwork & ID3 META Data ready to upload to them. (Nearly 100% of files we see in our daily work have some kind of junk META data / incorrect information hidden inside them. Learn more – We can help!)

Now that I have everything I need ready, where do I registered with Mediabase?

Registration and file upload is still free and can be done by via their online form, email, or snail mail. Details are available here:

Mediabase Registration Instructions

Do you offer help with Mediabase Registration?

Absolutely! If you prefer to have us register your songs for you to be sure it’s done correctly, we are available to assist. Please call us at 404-869-0701 and ask about the Mediabase Registration service.