Apple launches Platoon for Artists app to manage content, streams and revenue

Apple acquired artist services and music marketing agency Platoon in 2018 and has let it operate more or less independently since.

Prior to being acquired by Apple, one of Platoon’s biggest claims to fame was working with Billie Eilish prior to her being signed by Interscope.

The new iOs app presumably shares some of Platoon’s secret sauce and is broken into three main sections: Promote, Analyze and Earn. “Managing your artist career has never been easier,” reads the pitch. “Platoon for Artists is your home to manage content, streams, revenue, and more.”

Apple Music has sometimes trailed Spotify with the services they offer artists, but Platoon For Artists” is not – at least not yet – a real fix for that deficiency.

For now, the app requires artists to be working with Platoon already to use it.

Apple has neither announced the app nor even allows it to come up in direct App Store searches, but it is available to download HERE